Sunday, September 03, 2006

I went out to pick up some Tattoo Goo from Iron Legends and asked George, my tattooist, if he could re-ink my very first tattoo (not tattooed by him, I might add). It had suffered from overcare when I first got it and it faded badly. He siad "That would cost you $70 just for a few minutes work. Why not get a full tattoo and I can re-ink that for free?
"The thriftiness of that idea appealed to the Scot in me and I said "Okay!" and went off to look at some images. All my previous ones were my own designs except, of course, for my word so I wasn't sure I could come up with something in just a few minutes.
I picked up the Dover book of Celtic designs and flipped through it. Right at the back I found this bird design. I assume it is actually Phoenixes (Phoenixi? Phoeni?) or something but to my mind they look like a Herons. This time back in the year 2000 I had an encounter with a Great Blue Heron which, quite leterally, saved my life. I had been looking for some way of commemorating this, so it was the perfect design. It was simply black line with no colour but I asked George to make it blue. He had misgivings but said "If I just do highlights rather than fill it completely in, that would probably be okay".
I LOVE it and think it is perfect.
The photo is a bit murky because it was taken last night and it still has ink and ointment on it. Once I wash it and it heals, it will be brighter.


azahar said...

It's gorgeous! And they do look like herons. Where is it?

And what's the heron story?

Mudhooks said...


I'll send you an email about the heron.

the rev. said...

You've tagged Toots!

Mudhooks said...

Oh crap... I forgot about this....