Thursday, August 10, 2006

Crown will seek dangerous offender status if Whitmore convicted

Peter Whitmore, you will recall, is the man with a long string of sexual crimes against children, charged with abducting two boys earlier this month.

"If accused sex offender Peter Whitmore is convicted, the Crown will seek a dangerous offender designation, the lead prosecutor said in Regina on Thursday.

"At this time, there is a reasonable likelihood that upon conviction, Mr.Whitmore would be designated a dangerous offender," Anthony Gerein said after Whitmore appeared briefly in court. "We anticipate proceeding with that application, we see no reason to compromise."" CBC

I think this "man" has long ago proven himself to be a "dangerous offender", one who has repeatedly broken parole, rules of his release, commiitted far too many crimes against children already, and proven himself not to be able to control his impulses..... There should be no "IF" about it.
Mind you, I doubt there is much chance of his NOT being convicted in this latest set of charges. Really, though, what does it take?
Oh, yes....
It usually takes this:

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