Monday, June 12, 2006

What I'm Listening To...

Talking Head "Stp Making Sense" (re-release, with bonus tracks!)

A friend at work handed me a copy of this to listen to (Erik: "What kind of music are you into?" Me: "Just about anything." Erik: "Well, I thought you might like this, then." .... and I do!).

I had forgotten how much I liked the Talking Heads, and "Stop Making Sense", in particular.

"Psycho Killer", "Burning Down the House", "Once in a Lifetime", and "What A Day That Was"... It is next on my list to purchase!


So.... during lunch, I toddled off down to see James at Compact Music (the annex store near my office) to pick up "Stop Making Sense".... and they didn't have it in stock. James is ordering it for me and it should be in by Friday (YAY!).

In the mean time, I picked up two Tom Waits CDs, Blue Valentine,

which I first bought back circa 1978 on vinyl. I heard it at a house-party, fell head-over-heels for the grittiest voice I had heard in my life, and Monday morning went out and bought it. There isn't one tune on the whole thing that I don't passionately love.

and "Mule Variations".

I have heard a couple of tunes from this CD before ("What's He Building" and "House Where Nobody Lives") before.

I was so inspired by "Pony" and "Hold On" that I made two more Night Music videos.


Ivan said...

By a strange coincidence, I'm listening to 'Stop Making Sense' right now. Thought I should mention it.

azahar said...

I feel a bit embarrassed to admit that I haven't yet heard Mule Variations. Must remedy that situation soon . . .