Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ten Random Things About Me

  1. Boudicca is one of my ancestors (as is Claudius)
  2. I was a Caesarian birth (appropriately, considering 1)
  3. I love snakes but hate spiders
  4. I have 9 siblings, none of which I am fully related to and only 5 of which are related to me at all
  5. I cannot even look at cabbage rolls much less eat them
  6. My math teacher in Grade 10 gave me a "mercy pass" because he knew I would never take math again
  7. I have hazel eyes
  8. I have a large mole on my right calf.... and my niece has one in exactly the same spot
  9. I drink Pepsi
  10. I cry for happy and I cry for sad


azahar said...

Curious about the cabbage rolls - you don't seem to have a problem with dolmades.


Mudhooks said...

I had a traumatic childhood experience involving cabbage rolls.

A babysitter decided to feed me CANNED cabbage rolls. When I refused to eat them, she force-fed me them. I have a problem, as well, with anything cabbage-y with a tomato sauce.

I can handle dolmades, as long as they aren't smothered in tomato sauce.