Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Skull Bunnies'™ Night Out....

Cat and I (The Official Skull Bunnies™) went down to Smith's Falls to see Ken, Ray, and Rob play at Rob Roy's.
Aside from some very spotty (read: non-existent) service by the staff, we had a great time.
There was a small but appreciative audience which thinned out later in the evening but picked up again right at the end. Since it was the first show in a newly "smoke-free" Ontario, it was a pleasure not to be inundated with clouds of smoke. Much easier to sing, too, I would imagine.
We heard a couple of new songs -- or, rather, ones that we hadn't heard them do before -- and there were a lot of "keepers". Ray and Rob indulged an "over-served" patron with a rousing rendition of "Farewell to Nova Scotia" and brought much joy to him... not that he will probably remember this morning. They don't generally do a lot of bar "standards" because you can hear that stuff all the time done by a hundred other bands. Don't EVER ask for Irish standards not on St. Paddy's Day.
There was a lot of Gordon Lightfoot, much to the delight of a couple at the bar (and us, of course); an Ian and Sylvia standard which you don't here very much any more -- "Four Strong Winds"; lots of Tom Russell ("Stealing Electricity" (love it!), "Angel of Lyon" (love it!, love it!, love it!, love it!), "Ash Wednesday" (love it!), "The Rose of the San Joaquin" (love it!), "U.S."Steel" (love it!), "Touch of Evil" (love it!, love it!, love it!), "What Work Is" (love it!, love it!, love it!), and "Out in California" (love it!, love it!, love it!, love it!, love it!) ...) and Fred Eaglesmith ("Freight Train", "Wilder Than Her", "Alcohol and Pills", "Sharecropping" (always great), "Carmelita"..... and more); John Prine, Steve Earle....
Skull Bunnies™ agree.... We are blessed!

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