Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hot.... again

It was so hot again last night that, after running all over town for everyone else, I decided that I needed some "unwind time". For me, this entails driving in the country, late at night. No traffic.... quiet.... I can stop and just listen to the crickets (or frogs, at this time of the year), watch fireflies.... listen to my music up loud, if I want.... which I always want.

Sometimes I wish there was someone along for the ride, but I really don't want to talk while I'm driving. It's if I stop and sit in the dark just listening to the country sounds or the music that I wouldn't mind someone to share it all with.
I took shot more video for my "Night Music" videos. For some reason, Fred Eaglesmith is perfect for playing while driving, as well as putting to video.
I drove for 3 hours with the windows down and Fred's gravel-voice in my head. Then I went home and slept like a baby.

Night Music "Carne del Toro" (words and music: Fred Eaglesmith)


azahar said...

Sounds like your night drives are very soothing.

Um . . . bull meat?


Mudhooks said...

The death of a bullfighter....