Monday, June 19, 2006

Mmmmmm..... Tomato, Prosciutto and Bocconcini Salad

Tomato, Prosciutto and Bocconcini Salad
Apparently, this is a variation on "Insalata Caprese". It's just something I came up with for an easy and cool meal on a hot day.

6 fresh vine or Italian tomatoes, wedged or sliced
4-6 Bocconcini balls, wedged or sliced (or slices of Mozerella)
5-6 slices Prosciutto, ripped into bite-sized pieces
3 -4 lg. garlic, crushed
1/4 cup olive oil
juice of one lemon, fresh squeezed
Fresh ground pepper, to taste
Fresh bread -- French sliced, Italian, Panini, a variety of "peasant-style" breads, sliced....
Optional: fresh basil (added just before serving)
Pile the tomatoes, Bocconcini and Prosciutto onto a deep platter.
Mix together the garlic, oil and lemon in a small bowl (or blend, if you prefer -- I like the garlic sort of chunky, myself) and pour over the salad. Refrigerate for 1 hour.
Any leftovers (as if!) can be chopped up, drained, and used for Bruschetta.


Dan Goodman (aka Dogster) said...

Mmm, I love this sort of salad. It's nice with serrano ham too. Also, avocado is good.

Mudhooks said...

I made it again last night and intended to bring some in for lunch today. I was almost at work when I realized it was still in the fridge.... DOH!

I had to settle for some Dijon-potato salad and Greek salad from a coffee shop. Not bad, but I am not a big fan of Greek salad because I can't stand feta cheese (at least, uncooked).

For dessert, I had some bluberries, raspberries and strawberries.... Yummy.