Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photo Hunt: Road

I am going to try uploading this week's posting here since Wordpress won't let me upload the images I want, for some silly reason. (I also tried importing my Wordpress blog here but while the posts appear in my dashboard, they don't seem to be appearing here...)

This week's Photo Hunt theme is Road.

Since I spend a LOT of time on the road, I tend to have a LOT of photos of roads or taken on or from favourite roads.

Since Mom can't drive any more and spends a lot of time sitting watching TV while am working upstairs, we go out as often as we can for drives in the country. We try to stick to that back roads as much as we can. And by "back roads" I mean BACK roads.... the old dirt roads and tracks. If the car can fit down the road, we'll take it. Although, because of Mom's health, I am a little more selective about some of the tracks I once used to attempt. We now avoid the ones where I don't know if we are going to be faced with a six-foot-deep hole in the road resulting in an 85-point turn on a track that is barely wider than the car, and deep, water-filled ditches on either side...

I have taken thousands of photos up and down most of these roads, of abandoned houses and farms and cemeteries; of swamps, cows, and electrical pylons (not necessarily at the same time); of gatepost lions and guard dogs (often at the same time); of duck binds and tree-houses.... Some are old favourites taken in all seasons. Others are spotted once on a road I haven't been able to locate again. And some have been photographed many times but have now disappeared...

And, of course... I like to fiddle with some of the resulting images. Here are a few of those.


Bonggamom said...

Love the second photo!

My Photo Hunt entry for 'Road'

magiceye said...

the road less travelled is always exciting... glad that your prefer them!

wonderful work on the images!