Monday, April 21, 2008

Blocked salivary gland....

The last two days, every time I eat, or even sometimes if I just THINK of eating, the side of my face swells up. Apparently, it is a blocked salivary gland. probably the side effect of some medication I have to take. It doesn't necessarily require medical attention unless it remains blocked or is a symptom of something else. It is, however, annoying, not to mention embarrassing if it happens when I am out.

If it remains blocked, you risk an infection and/or surgery to remove the blockage. Thank GOD it always goes down on its own.

This is what it looks like.
That is the left and right sides of my face, side-by-side for comparison, You can't even see my ear!

If you've ever blown up a balloon and had the air backfire into your salivary gland, it feels like that only about 25 times worse,

The first time it happened, I thought I was having an allergic reaction.


Akira said...

I'm sorry for your condition. Any clue what med might have started it? This is not to make light of it, but last weekend my cat Blackie (who has FIV - "cat AIDS") was sick and I noted a huge swelling on the side of neck. I thought it was a swollen lymph node from some sort of bacterial infection. The vet found it was a blocked parotid salivary gland, like yours. (He did a needle biopsy just in case, but before the lab result came back the swelling was gone.) He thought corticosteroid shot helped the duct enlarge and caused it to drain. Unknown what caused it. It hasn't recurred thankfully. Hope yours will stop soon. Best wishes.

Mudhooks said...

Certain medications which tend to cause dry-mouth with do it, in my case, an anti-depressant. I really should drink more water. It would help prevent the problem.

I get it from time to time but usually not more than once or twice over a few days.

In this case, it may have actually been a slight virus as I also had nerve twitching. I discovered that a number of people at work were also experiencing facial nerve twitches which can be caused by a virus. In my case, it was the nerve in the middle of my cheek and my eyelid. Later, I got a twitch in my right eyelid.... It was annoying and bothersome but it eventually went away.

KMACdonald said...

Yikes! That what my face looks like this AM.
It started Sunday night and by Monday morning it had almost disappeared, but when I ate a sandwich at noon, it blew up like your photo. The pressure is the hard part. Now I awakened today (Tues.) with the entire side of my face bloated! :(
It's even created a bag under my eye.
If it's not gone by this afternoon, I'm going to an ER, since I am of the 32 million.

Mone't | Visual Story Teller said...

Hey I'm sorry to hear about that. I have a video on youtube where I burst and drained my gland that happened to be under my tongue. Its very disgusting but people are now able to get a clear view of what this stuff looks like. I have no medical insurance so I have to do stuff on my own. I went to a free clinic but they had no clue what it was and most people think its an STD. No its more than that. I've been suffering from blockages since I was a kid but never anything Like the video! Good luck and lay off whatever makes you swell... for me its sour stuff and bread ( the two things i love the most) OF COURSE!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I hav same prob worse thing I done was read about gland probe and diseases cos now I'm thinking the worst and hav shortened my lifespan myself by 100 years!

Anonymous said...

I was just diagnosed with the same ailment. Started with soreness around my ear and cheek, then the next morning it was puffy and swollen. I've tried lemon juice, more fluids, and it is still swollen after 2 days. How long did it take for the swelling to go back to normal?

Mudhooks said...

Three or 4 days, I think. If it goes on any longer and you get a fever, heat and redness in the area, and/or discharge, it would be a good idea to check with your doctor. Sometimes it takes actual manipulation to get rid of it. At worst, it can require surgery. Check with your doctor if you get concerned.

Anonymous said...

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