Friday, November 16, 2007

Award-winning American travel writer Rolf Potts ( is looking for Canadians to interview regarding the War of 1812. Rolf is doing a story for National Public Radio about Canadian views on the war, and particularly Canadian patriotic attachment to it as a victory over the Americans. He's looking for two groups of people: Canadians in their teens, 20s or 30s who may not know a whole lot about the war, but who might recall what they were taught about it in school or have a vague sense of pride about it, and Canadians of any age group who are maybe a bit more knowledgeable and opinionated. (As he puts it, "maybe a history buff or fervent Canadian nationalist.")
These aren't strict categories - just Canadian-ness and some sort of opinion about 1812 (preferably of the patriotic variety) are required. If interested in being interviewed (Rolf would do the interviews by phone) please let Eva Holland know as soon as possible. My home email is

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