Monday, August 06, 2007

What the Hell is wrong with people????? (part deux)

So, this evening, Cat and I went to Tim Horton's.

Sitting at the table on the other side of the barrier from us was a family with three little boys.

Mother and one of the children was up at getting food at Wendy's and the father was sitting with the other two boys. Father was telling the eldest boy. "You know when Mommy and Daddy get angry with you and you think they hate you and you have a tantrum? That's the Devil in you, making you do that. You have to fight the Devil and not let him take hold of you and make you do things you shouldn't...."


Great parenting! Don't let the child know that you understand that they feel frustrated... Don't let them understand that they get hurt that you "think that Mommy and Daddy hate you".... Scare the shit out of them and make them think they are possessed by the Devil!

To top that off, part way through the meal, "Daddy" smacks the child on the arm for doing playing with his food. When Cat and I turned and stared at "Daddy", "Mommy" glares at us.

Unfortunately (fortunately for the child) the smack wasn't hard enough to warrant calling the police but if it was illegal to mentally abuse your child by telling them the "Devil" made them get mad, I'd have been on the phone.


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