Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tony Rosato.... Finally, his case is being heard.

Finally, Tony Rosato is before the court on his charges of Criminal Harassment of his wife and daughter.

Unfortunately, it only becomes clearer that Tony's mental problems are at the root of his position today. Although a psychiatrist has deemed him suffering from a grave (though, apparently treatable), mental disorder, as with many mental illnesses, prevents Tony from recognizing he is suffering from a mental illness. He has refused to plead guilty and that has delayed his case being heard.

This points to the fatal flaw in the Canadian court system in dealing with those with mental illness. Had Tony maliciously harassed his wife and daughter, he would long ago been out on probation, indeed likely would have received bail until his hearing. Because he suffers from a mental illness the court doesn't have the will or the ability to deal with this situation and send him for psychiatric care.

Tony's case continues tomorrow.

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