Monday, July 23, 2007

Judicial double-talk....

"Whitmore gets life sentence in child sex assault, abductions."

"A Justice Department official said last week that a plea bargain offer was on the table for Whitmore and it turned out to be what occurred Monday — guilty pleas followed by a life sentence with parole eligibility in seven years."

"The official said the plea bargain agreement would see the Crown drop efforts to have Whitmore declared a dangerous offender, which could mean a life behind bars."
"Both a dangerous offender and a lifer are eligible for another review after two years if they don't get parole on their first shot.

The Crown contends the life sentence "is functionally the same" as a dangerous offender designation because, under both, Whitmore would spend the rest of his life under some sort of supervision.

If the Crown could get Whitmore to plead guilty, the youths would not have to testify. But Whitmore could tell the parole board he took responsibility for his alleged actions when it comes time for the first review.....

Legal experts have said the dangerous offender designation acts as a red flag for the parole board, but Pitre says its absence doesn't exactly swing open the jailhouse doors. It's only a red flag in the sense it's an indication the offences were serious, he says".

Whitmore would spend the rest of his life under some sort of supervision."
No. He COULD spend the rest of his life under some sort of supervision. He COULD be released after seven years.

My question... well, one of many questions... Is it not enough of a "red flag" that this monster has repeatedly offended and been convicted repeatedly of abducting and assaulting children? At what point is it enough to stop allowing him out in order to harm yet more young people and then "save them the trauma of testifying".... which then allows him out to reoffend?

He violated the conditions of his parole. That, in itself should get him life without the possibility of parole EVER.

The fact is that, for all the assertions to the contrary, parole for many pedophiles is impossible to "supervise" and since they cannot be "cured"*, it isn't a matter of IF they reoffend, it is a matter of WHEN they will reoffend. As Whitmore has repeatedly demonstrated, he cannot be free for three minutes without reoffending. As I said in my previous post, each time, he becomes more likely to kill.

*Some claim that "chemical castration" "cures" pedophiles. Since sexual assault has nothing to do with "sex" and everything to do with "assault", chemical castration only prevents sexual assault (and only if the offender actually carries on taking the medication). It does nothing to prevent violence against his victims.

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