Friday, July 06, 2007

iPhone... Surprise surprise....

"The iPhone's battery is apparently soldered on inside the device and cannot be swapped out by the owner like most other cellphones.

Apple spokeswoman Jennifer Hakes said Thursday the company posted the battery replacement details on its website last Friday after the product went on sale. Users would have to submit their iPhone to Apple for battery service. The service will cost users $79 US, plus $6.95 for shipping, and will take three business days.

The procedure is similar to the one it has for the company's best-selling iPod players, but because some users will not want to live without their cellphones, Apple is also offering a loaner iPhone for $29 while the gadget is under repair."

Why would consumers be surprised? After all, the same problem exists with the iPod's battery which has a year-long lifespan. Initially, Apple essentially said "Sorry... you have to buy a new one when the battery (and the warranty) runs out."

They seemed surprised that anyone might be upset by the proposition of forking out for another iPod after a year. Now, they seem surprised that people might be upset at forking out for the cost of sending in their iPhone AND for a loaner for the duration.

"The iPhone costs $499 or $599, depending on the model, and requires a minimum two-year, $60-a-month service plan with AT&T."

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