Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blog Irritants...

Why do people who have blogs not set a limit on the number of postings per page?

Nothing irritates me more than a great blog with terrific posts that take 45 minutes to load because the blogger has no limit on the number of posts per page. I'm sure I can't be the only person to be irritated by this... I just visited a blog that had over 300 posts for the month of November 2006!

If you have over 300 posts a month, break them down per week or per day, for God's sake!

How many people do you lose because they aren't prepared to wait for 15 minutes for the page to load or for whom their computer simply isn't fast enough to load that much data? I have ultra high speed and still have to wait for some blogs endlessly.

AND... AND!!!! You have an email address that doesn't work so, if someone wanted to contact you, they can't.

I am reminded of when I was living in New York and was trying to reach the INS. For a full two weeks, their stupid voice-mail system wasn't working. I wonder if it occurred to someone up there that the reason their phones didn't ring for a whole two weeks wasn't because nobody loved them but that their phones didn't work?

The irony was that no one in any branch of government could call them to TELL them the phones didn't work because THEY only had the same number to reach them as the public did.

Here is a hint, by the way... When you want to call INS, you have to (or did in 1994) listen to a stupid message, any message before the voice-mail system would allow you to access a "real person" (after a 2 hour wait, of course).

I found that you could instantly access the "real person" loop by choosing the "report an illegal immigrant" message and then pressing 0 as soon as the message started. All other choices you had to listen to the entire message which could be 5 minutes long.

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