Saturday, January 27, 2007

Anyone wonder why airlines can't afford to feed you properly one flights?

"Boeing has scrapped plans for a wireless entertainment system on its new 787 Dreamliner, about eight months before the plane's first scheduled flight."

The last time I flew to Iowa, I received, in-flight, a single granola bar (extra small "tester size") per flight, a single bag of peatus containing about 8 peanuts, and my choice of soda or alcohol (1 free). Lay-overs which were supposed to be two to 4 hours to allow passengers to eat between flights were boarded early and allowed to sit on the tarmac for the length of the layover and I became ill due to low-blood sugar and dehydration. BUT, I was able to view some crappy G-rated second-run films between barf-bags.

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azahar said...

Flying to Barcelona and back we weren't offered anything free, though they did come by once with a trolley of waayyyyy over-priced drinks, sandwiches and snacks that we could purchase. I bought a 50ml bottle of mineral water for 1.50€ (in the supermarket they cost about 20 cents). And of course with the new 'anti-terrorist' rules you can't bring a bottle of water on the plane with you anymore.

Mind you, this was on one of those cut-rate airlines and the flight was only an hour and a half long.