Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Notorious Pedophile "Dreads" Returning to Face Trial in New Brunswick

"One of the country's most notorious pedophiles has been served with a summons to return to New Brunswick.

Karl Toft has been ordered to appear in a New Brunswick court in two weeks to face an assault charge that's been laid privately by John Fearon of Toronto."

"Toft served a 13-year prison sentence after pleading guilty in 1992 to 34 counts of abuse. He later confessed to abusing more than 200 young boys. In December 2005, he was released from a half-way house in Edmonton where he served the last third of his sentence."

"Edmonton police detective Will Tonowski of the high risk offenders unit in Edmonton says Toft is dreading returning to the province where many of his victims still live.

"He doesn't want to do that. That's the last thing he intended to do. He never had any intention of going back there. He has no friends, no support there. If in fact he needs to go back — and that's not for sure yet, it will be something he has to proceed with very cautiously, I would suggest."

Gee.... Ain't THAT too bad?!

Perhaps you might have thought about that BEFORE you sexually assaulted 200 young boys in your care.

The boys he assaulted also had "no friends, no support" when they were sent to the reform school, did they?

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azahar said...

Yes, it's a terrible shame that this fucking piece of scum, this vile and disgusting waste of skin if feeling unsupported . Grrr...