Monday, May 01, 2006


I'm planning another tattoo for later this month. I'm getting my wings!

I am also planning another one for my 50th birthday. I hadn't really thought about it until I was watching Miami Ink last week and saw the tattoo one of the artists got. In honour of his 13th year tattooing, his 13th wedding anniversary, and I think it was Friday 13th, he got a tattoo of 13.
The original drawing was rendered in pencil and the final tattoo maintained the light tones of a pencil drawing. It was done in black but was not dark like the usual "black ink" tattoos. The number was twined in flowers, also in the monochrome black. What I am thinking of doing is the number 50 in a nice font, surrounded by nasturtiums, possibly in color. I have also been thinking of incorporating a Great Blue Heron.... A heron more or less saved my life in a sort of odd event.... It would be fitting, seeing as I would not be celebrating my 50th if not for it.
The next day... It just occurred to me, when re-reading this, that the wings ARE the heron's wings.... funny, that. No wonder I was so drawn to the image (not to mention the song which got me thinking about the wings, Tom Russell's song "Blue Wing".

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azahar said...

I love the wings! And just having a look around . . . my place definitely needs more STUFF.