Thursday, July 22, 2004

Star Axis

Hour Chamber
I was remarking to a friend this evening, that I had heard a talk a few years ago, about Star Axis.

Star Axis is an immense star observatory being created in New Mexico.

The artist, Charles Ross, is digging into a mesa to create his naked-eye observatory, a monumental work which is inspired by the ancient observatories of the peoples of the American Southwest, amongst others.The subject of Charles Ross’ art is light itself. Using sunlight and starlight as its source, the work manifests experiences of primal solar color, and star geometry in sculptural form. Ross’ work includes photographs, paintings and drawings, site-specific prism/solar spectrum light installations, Star Maps, Solar Burns, and his enormous earth/sky sculpture and naked-eye observatory, Star Axis.
Other works incorporate the use of prisms in light sculptures which move as the sun moves through the sky.

Lines of Light, Rays of Color
Plaza of the Americas, Dallas, Texas

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