Thursday, July 08, 2004

Almighty Sky

The sky was so beautiful, this evening. I wish I had been able to run home for my camera. Unfortunately, I was running late, and by the time I was on my way home, the show was over.

It had been intermittently cloudy and sunny today. At sunset, huge, dense, white clouds were starting to boil up in the east. To the west, were big black storm-clouds. To the south, flat, dissipating clouds. The ones to the east were tinted with pink and gold from the sunset. The ones to the south were black and red.

The whole scene reminded me of what I once heard described as "an almighty sky".

There was a painter who used to have a show on TV many years ago. I wish I could recall his name. He used to have an instructional show on oil-painting of the "starving artist" genre. However, he was so exuberant that one was almost impressed with the paintings. He used to refer to various elements in his paintings as "an almighty mountian" or "an almighty tree".

Hence, tonight's sky being and "almighty sky".

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